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Improving the level of knowledge of junior php-developers

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Course benefits:

These are free courses aimining to increase the knowledge of those interested in programming, to give a thorough knowledge for good mastery of the topic and to invite the best students to work with our team. We share our years of experience, important theoretical and practical skills and at the same time we are looking for talented young people who want to get new opportunities for self-development.

The course will be useful for those who have basic programming skills and know the basics of any programming language. It is desirable (but not required) to have a relevant education or to study this specialty at the moment.

  • 0 registrations for the course
  • 0 solved entrance tests
  • 0 personal interviews
  • 0 employed
  • 0 issued certificates

Desired knowledge and skills:

  • 1 To have basic programming knowledge
  • 2 Logical thinking
  • 3 English - Elementary and up
  • 4 To have a strong desire to be a developer

Course program:

  • Basic concepts (the syntax, operators, variables, constants, control structures)
  • Line processing (search, replace, formatted output).
  • Arrays (numbered, associative, multidimensional arrays, functions for working with arrays).
  • Input / output (functions for working with files and file system).
  • Functions.
  • Object-oriented programming (classes, properties, methods, imitation, abstract classes, interfaces).
  • Databases (SQL. PDO)
  • Web-programming (session, forms, GET and POST data, download files, cookies).

About the course in numbers:

  • 17 weeks duration
  • 1 lecture per week
  • 90 min lecture duration
  • online format

How to get on the course:

  • 1 Register
  • 2 Prove yourself at the interview
  • 3 Get an invitation to join the course

Answers to common questions:

Does Transoftgroup guarantee employment after completing the course?

No, it does not guarantee. Only the best students will receive a job offer according to the results of the rating.

Do I have to pay for the course?

No, there is no need to pay. The course is free.

Can I register for the course if I am not of age?

You can still apply for the course. The decision will be made after you submit a test task and a personal interview

Can I get on the course without any of the above knowledge and experience?

No. The minimum requirement for applying for a course is a basic knowledge of any programming language.

What is the maximum number of participants in the course?

Up to 30 participants.