A little Christmas miracle or a story of one day

Team life DEC 29, 2016

Last Sunday we had a real celebration! We spent our day together with the children of Il'nytsya boarding school.

Kids from Il'nytsya came to Mukachevo on a huge, comfortable bus. Then there was a wonder because of the beauty and size of the Christmas tree.

And then – probably the most interesing part- for the first time in their lives the children visited the cinema and watched the cartoon in 3D format. Cartoon about fearless girl Moana, who believed in herselvef and overcame the bad things and surprises in her life, made a considerable impr

How we subdued Hoverla

Team life SEP 19, 2016

Днями ми вирішили підкорити найвищу точку України – Говерлу. Ділимося з вами фотографіями, які змушують затамувати подих від тієї краси.

Happy Independence Day!

Team life AUG 24, 2016

Independency is a possibility to make independent decisions. This is the right to select future. This is love to everything approaching us.

Independency is to be proud of your country and people. It is continuos self-improvement.

Independency is the right for freedom. Peace. Creation. Honesty and justice.

Independence is we!

The orphanage in Batiovo: how we met the foster children

Team life JUL 18, 2016

The asylum for children in the urban village of Batiovo is special because children stay there only for 90 days. During this time a new orphanage for the children is being looked for.

The asylum was built 16 years ago. Every time about 50 underage children live there.

The institution takes children who got lost, are engaged in begging, orphans, children deprived of parental care. They can stay at the asylum for 90 days. During this period the administration together with other services must find abiding and training place for a child, residence of their parents or guardians - they say at the asylum.

Each year the institution accepts from 360 to 400 minors. Hence the need for assistance is always concerned. This time we came to children with sweets, belongings, coloring books, crayons, paints, notebooks, as well as diapers and detergents. And we will definitely come again. The most important thing of our visit is to communicate. Because after the horror that these children have already seen in their short life this is is often the most important thing that they need. And it is perfectly visible in our photographs. We deliberately publish them without colors - nothing to distract from the true emotions and looks.

We invite you to join and do good things together. Address Asylum: Berehove district, urban village Batiovo, Kossuth str., 146. Phone: (095) 137-40-38

Happy Constitution day!

Team life JUN 28, 2016

We have mountains, sea, incredible nature, sincere people, our own history and what is most important, we have freedom and open heart. We love our country and we are proud of it!