A little Christmas miracle or a story of one day

Team life DEC 29, 2016

Last Sunday we had a real celebration! We spent our day together with the children of Il'nytsya boarding school.

Kids from Il'nytsya came to Mukachevo on a huge, comfortable bus. Then there was a wonder because of the beauty and size of the Christmas tree.

And then – probably the most interesing part- for the first time in their lives the children visited the cinema and watched the cartoon in 3D format. Cartoon about fearless girl Moana, who believed in herselvef and overcame the bad things and surprises in her life, made a considerable impr

Magento: Learning at TranSoftGroup company

TSG insight NOV 27, 2016

After the courses for PHP-programmers we decided not to stop here and invited the best students to the course on the basics of Magento. In the end four of them entered our company.

We are sharing with you the course feedback from our students.


– The courses were very helpful for me. I believe that they were held at a high level, I enjoyed everything. I did not have experience with Magento in the past, but I wish to continue my studies and work in this direction.


– The courses were useful. In particular, because of the the fact that we talked to and learnt from a person who directly works with this product and knows how and what to do. During the courses I liked mostly practical task that we performed at training, as well as a quick teacher's response to the questions that were raised in the process of task execution.

As an only drawback I can mention that there was no video recording of the lecture, it would be very useful to view the recordings in your free time and also those who were not able to attend the courses would not miss the materials.

I did not work with Magento before, it was a new experience for me. I plan to continue learning this product and evolve in this direction. And I'm thankful to TranSoftGroup company for the opportunity.


– The courses were very helpful to me personally. What I liked the most is that I did not need to figure it out on my own from the scratch. In such a complex system like Magento it would be very difficult. Of course it would be better to have more text material, but its creation would require an immense amount of time.


– Thank you for the conducted courses like Magento and PHP, as well as for the work of your team. No doubt the courses were useful to me, because I was able to practice my skills in programming and to explore a little the architecture of the popular CMS. Most of all I liked the fact that I gained new knowledge and also had the opportunity to work with tasks that helped me to understand a bit from the great Magento system. I did not come across with Magento earlier, but after the courses I will continue to study the system.


– I believe that the courses were very useful to me, since I got the practical skills of working with Magento. I liked the well thought-out, interconnected homework. After completing the course, I going not only to continue training in this field, but will work in it.

How we subdued Hoverla

Team life SEP 19, 2016

Днями ми вирішили підкорити найвищу точку України – Говерлу. Ділимося з вами фотографіями, які змушують затамувати подих від тієї краси.

Happy Independence Day!

Team life AUG 24, 2016

Independency is a possibility to make independent decisions. This is the right to select future. This is love to everything approaching us.

Independency is to be proud of your country and people. It is continuos self-improvement.

Independency is the right for freedom. Peace. Creation. Honesty and justice.

Independence is we!

Courses for PHP-developers: In the middle of the course

Events JUL 24, 2016

Course for PHP programmers are held on the basis of our company since mid May. We are setting two goals at once - to increase the knowledge of those interested in programming and invite the best students to our company.

For these 2 full months of training we've made both partnership and friendship with our listeners. So we decided to summarize a bit and understand if we're moving in the same direction.

Michael Pivkach, course leader

During these two months we covered a rather big chunk of material. It's nice that the number of students has decreased not so much. The strongest remained. I feel that the dynamics of knowledge is increasing. The audience asks the right questions, do homework, get ready. I am pretty sure that at the end of the course we will be able to hire anyone from that pool. After studying PHP, we will invite the best students to the course of Magento, which is very important for our company.

If the whole talk about the courses themselves, they are held for the first time. This is a very good initiative for both the company and for those who took them. We provide free knowledge to people and at the same time we are looking for talented young people whom we can give new opportunities and growth.

Paul, 29 years old

What I like about the courses is that if the first part was mostly theoretical, than in the second part large emphasis was made on practical analysis of the test project. Surely, after the course I would like to work in IT. However, it is not so important what kind of specific language or technology I would deal with

Dmitry, 29 years old

Beyond this training, I also watch courses on the network where everything is presented in details, there are laboratory works that help a lot, YouTube. Now we are friends with guys in courses that quickly mastered the material, so we communicate and share experiences, this way it is much more useful. I like the fact that education is free and I was even given a workplace with a computer. I like our teacher Michael, he is adequate and pleasant man without a "star disease". My main main wish about the course is to have a recorded video to have a chance to look throught the lecture if you are not able to come to an offline meeting.

Vladimir, 24 years old

I'm happy with my training courses for PHP-programmers. I learn the material easily. Online store project is the thing that I like the most . Especially I like clarification of MVC technology, which out teacher presented in a minimalist and understandable format. After the course I would like to work as PHP-developer.

Yuri, 27 years old

I absorb the teaching material of the course rather quickly. Most of all I like analisyng the errors when writing a code and teacher's "how to do" recommendations when performing tasks.

Artem, 22 years

I'm happy with my training courses for PHP-programmers since I gained practical skills needed in the programmer's work. Most of all I like the fact that during the course I dealt with real problems you might encounter when becoming a PHP developer. After the training I have a strong desire to continue progressing in this area and improve my knowledge and skills.

Vladimir, 44 years old

I am very satisfied with my courses. With the help of these lectures I improved my knowledge of PHP. I gained understanding of many items that I could not master by taking online lessons and reading books. To my opinion, additional convenience can give video lessons and organisation of a closed group in one of the social networks for the students to communicate together.

Stas, 24 years

I'm fully satisfied with my courses. The material is presented concisely and accurately, for some information I had to look myself, but this can be treated more as a plus, because in this way you can understand something more deeply and assimilate the material respectively. Most of all I like the simplicity of presentation, analysis of all the examples and homework with the teacher, determining the best ways of solving problems and tasks.