The month of inviolability — report on the performed team work

Team life MAR 30, 2022

During 35 days of heroic resistance, we spent UAH 533,000 to help, and also bought a car for the anti-sabotage group on the front line.

All employees together with our foundation financially support the Armed Forces and regularly engage in volunteer activities: from weaving nets and helping the volunteer headquarters of the city to providing everything necessary for our fighters and supporting the initiatives of Ukrainian manufacturers:

— we have repeatedly purchased medicines, equipment, tools and food for the 128th Brigade
— purchased thermal imagers and batteries
— provided food for conductors and children who spent several days at the stations without food
— collected clothes for the orphanage and warm clothes for the checkpoints
— supported the initiatives of the workshop that makes anti-tank spikes and hedgehogs, as well as volunteers who make bulletproof vests
— hid funds to the Nikolaev and Kiev zoos where now the greatest difficulties with the maintenance of animals
— financially assisted the Armed Forces and sent funds to those affected by the war

And in the first days we helped with accommodation to colleagues who moved to us from hot spots.

At the same time, our programmers, who continue to work and support the country's economy, are also fighting on the information front - blocking and destroying enemy sites and fake saboteurs.

And 5 of our colleagues are currently in the ranks of the Armed Forces and are defending the country at the forefront - in Zaporizhia, Luhansk and Volyn.

Everyone in their place is doing an important thing and brings us closer to a common goal.
Together to victory!
Everything will be Ukraine!

The first charitable project of the «We care» Foundation

Team life FEB 1, 2022

Last week we shared the news about opening of the Charitable Foundation «We care», founded by Transoftgroup. And today we are happy to tell you about our first project, which was implemented with the support of colleagues.

Such an initiative was to raise funds for the needs of the elderly. We joined the Caritas Retirement Charitable Catholic Lunch and purchased:

products (butter, pasta, tomato paste, rice, boiled sausage, cabbage, beets);
dishwashing detergents;
disposable tableware;
garbage bags.

The collection exceeded our expectations, so we decided to help the nursing home in Rakoshin.

Until 2020, we visited the elderly twice a year. Our help was not only to help with deeds, but also with words, because support and simple conversations with the older generation — he showed concern for them.
There are 20 people living in the house, so we brought guests for each of them and helped with my money, bought new bedding.
Now, the place of visitors from COVID-19 is impossible, but we have found another way out — we have prepared for all packages with sweets.

The package included:
bananas, tangerines;
waffles «Artek», cookies «For tea»;
candies «Daisy», candies «Caramelkino», candies «Citrus mix».

And also we bought detergents and disinfectants.

Thank's our colleagues for the prompt assistance and all assessments, thank you for your indifference to such important matters!

«We care» — Transoftgroup opens a Charitable Foundation

Team life JAN 24, 2022

Since 2016, Transoftgroup has implemented many social and charitable initiatives, most of which were aimed at helping orphanages and children with special needs, wounded soldiers and families of victims of the ATO, as well as helping hospitals and nursing homes, and people with disabilities.

With the support of the team, you can give hope for the best and help those who have done the most.
In 2022, we decided to change the format and improve our work, so we created a charity fund "I do not care" so that each of the colleagues could achieve its activities.

After all, our help is not only about strength, it is about all the resources we have and can share: help with deeds, words or ideas.

We believe that as a group we can help and help whoever needs it, so we offer to be a part of our project and join in creating small good deeds together!

Transoftgroup New Year: how we celebrated the New Year's Eve

Team life JAN 17, 2022

On St. Nicholas Day the children of our colleagues received sweets and various games for fun family leisure.
For the Christmas tree we prepared shoppers to the whole team, filled with branded gifts — branded skinny and personal stationery.

And finally — traditionally held a corporate party and celebrated the New Year with the whole company.

30 years old - Transoftgroup celebrates its birthday!

Team life JUN 3, 2021

The last Saturday in May is traditionally a big day for Transoftgroup. And not by chance - this date goes back to 1991. Back then, last week of spring, the main team of the founders of the IT company began to form.

Since then the staff has grown from 5 to almost 200 employees. And it all started with the ERP-system "Keeper". It was the software product that became the first important platform to unite the team.

During its existence Transoftgroup has implemented a number of large-scale projects and partnered with Microsoft, Adobe and Magento. We have expanded our borders - opened offices in Mukachevo, Uzhgorod and Kyiv, as well as in Poland. Our developers are constantly improving their skills: we currently have 25 certified Magento 2 specialists.

And most importantly - we managed to form a team of like-minded people with common values. That's why we always celebrate Company Day in a family way, with the dearest ones.

The weather did not disappoint and we arranged a family picnic. Time spent in nature by the mountain river, cooking barbecue and bograch, joyful laughter of children during games, cutting of the cake - this is what created a feeling of a real holiday around. And it also showed that we should gather more often and use every opportunity to spend time together.

As 30 years ago, we are confidently stepping into the future and implementing new plans.

Sharing the atmosphere of our day with you in the photo report.