«We care» — Transoftgroup opens a Charitable Foundation

Team life JAN 24, 2022

Since 2016, Transoftgroup has implemented many social and charitable initiatives, most of which were aimed at helping orphanages and children with special needs, wounded soldiers and families of victims of the ATO, as well as helping hospitals and nursing homes, and people with disabilities.

With the support of the team, you can give hope for the best and help those who have done the most.
In 2022, we decided to change the format and improve our work, so we created a charity fund "I do not care" so that each of the colleagues could achieve its activities.

After all, our help is not only about strength, it is about all the resources we have and can share: help with deeds, words or ideas.

We believe that as a group we can help and help whoever needs it, so we offer to be a part of our project and join in creating small good deeds together!