The month of inviolability — report on the performed team work

Team life MAR 30, 2022

During 35 days of heroic resistance, we spent UAH 533,000 to help, and also bought a car for the anti-sabotage group on the front line.

All employees together with our foundation financially support the Armed Forces and regularly engage in volunteer activities: from weaving nets and helping the volunteer headquarters of the city to providing everything necessary for our fighters and supporting the initiatives of Ukrainian manufacturers:

— we have repeatedly purchased medicines, equipment, tools and food for the 128th Brigade
— purchased thermal imagers and batteries
— provided food for conductors and children who spent several days at the stations without food
— collected clothes for the orphanage and warm clothes for the checkpoints
— supported the initiatives of the workshop that makes anti-tank spikes and hedgehogs, as well as volunteers who make bulletproof vests
— hid funds to the Nikolaev and Kiev zoos where now the greatest difficulties with the maintenance of animals
— financially assisted the Armed Forces and sent funds to those affected by the war

And in the first days we helped with accommodation to colleagues who moved to us from hot spots.

At the same time, our programmers, who continue to work and support the country's economy, are also fighting on the information front - blocking and destroying enemy sites and fake saboteurs.

And 5 of our colleagues are currently in the ranks of the Armed Forces and are defending the country at the forefront - in Zaporizhia, Luhansk and Volyn.

Everyone in their place is doing an important thing and brings us closer to a common goal.
Together to victory!
Everything will be Ukraine!