Courses for PHP-developers: In the middle of the course

Events JUL 24, 2016

Course for PHP programmers are held on the basis of our company since mid May. We are setting two goals at once - to increase the knowledge of those interested in programming and invite the best students to our company.

For these 2 full months of training we've made both partnership and friendship with our listeners. So we decided to summarize a bit and understand if we're moving in the same direction.

Michael Pivkach, course leader

During these two months we covered a rather big chunk of material. It's nice that the number of students has decreased not so much. The strongest remained. I feel that the dynamics of knowledge is increasing. The audience asks the right questions, do homework, get ready. I am pretty sure that at the end of the course we will be able to hire anyone from that pool. After studying PHP, we will invite the best students to the course of Magento, which is very important for our company.

If the whole talk about the courses themselves, they are held for the first time. This is a very good initiative for both the company and for those who took them. We provide free knowledge to people and at the same time we are looking for talented young people whom we can give new opportunities and growth.

Paul, 29 years old

What I like about the courses is that if the first part was mostly theoretical, than in the second part large emphasis was made on practical analysis of the test project. Surely, after the course I would like to work in IT. However, it is not so important what kind of specific language or technology I would deal with

Dmitry, 29 years old

Beyond this training, I also watch courses on the network where everything is presented in details, there are laboratory works that help a lot, YouTube. Now we are friends with guys in courses that quickly mastered the material, so we communicate and share experiences, this way it is much more useful. I like the fact that education is free and I was even given a workplace with a computer. I like our teacher Michael, he is adequate and pleasant man without a "star disease". My main main wish about the course is to have a recorded video to have a chance to look throught the lecture if you are not able to come to an offline meeting.

Vladimir, 24 years old

I'm happy with my training courses for PHP-programmers. I learn the material easily. Online store project is the thing that I like the most . Especially I like clarification of MVC technology, which out teacher presented in a minimalist and understandable format. After the course I would like to work as PHP-developer.

Yuri, 27 years old

I absorb the teaching material of the course rather quickly. Most of all I like analisyng the errors when writing a code and teacher's "how to do" recommendations when performing tasks.

Artem, 22 years

I'm happy with my training courses for PHP-programmers since I gained practical skills needed in the programmer's work. Most of all I like the fact that during the course I dealt with real problems you might encounter when becoming a PHP developer. After the training I have a strong desire to continue progressing in this area and improve my knowledge and skills.

Vladimir, 44 years old

I am very satisfied with my courses. With the help of these lectures I improved my knowledge of PHP. I gained understanding of many items that I could not master by taking online lessons and reading books. To my opinion, additional convenience can give video lessons and organisation of a closed group in one of the social networks for the students to communicate together.

Stas, 24 years

I'm fully satisfied with my courses. The material is presented concisely and accurately, for some information I had to look myself, but this can be treated more as a plus, because in this way you can understand something more deeply and assimilate the material respectively. Most of all I like the simplicity of presentation, analysis of all the examples and homework with the teacher, determining the best ways of solving problems and tasks.

Courses for PHP programmers: the first lecture

Events MAY 18, 2016

During a month we had an open registration for PHP courses. As a result, we picked out 20 listeners out of 100 applications submitted.

The first lecture was held in TranSoftGroup office on May 17th.

The main goal of our courses is to raise a level of knowledge of junior PHP programmers, to give solid knowledge for the good mastering of the subject and also to share our long experience.

In the program of the courses are: basic notions, processing strings, arrays, input/output, functions, object-oriented programming, databases, WEB programming and security.

Courses for PHP programmers: registration is over, candidates are being reviewed

Events APR 28, 2016

During a month there was an open registration for the courses for PHP programmers that will be held on the basis of TranSoftGroup Company.

We received almost 100 applications that we had to review and select only 20 out of them.

Additional interviews with the candidates are conducted in our company today, the 28th of April and o the 4th of May. In the end we will form a group that will be attending the free lectures.

As for the courses themselves, they will start in May already. The lectures will be given after working hours, one time a week.

The purpose of our courses is to raise the level of knowledge of junior PHP programmers, to give solid knowledge for the good mastering of the subject and also to share our many years' experience - they say at the TranSoftGroup company.

For additional information please call 095 327 55 90

CS50 "introduction to computer science" Harvard's first meeting of the offline group in Mukachevo

Events APR 22, 2016

On the 21st of April there was a first lecture in our company’s office.

25 mukachevians has registered to offline hub, we’ll be meeting with them over a period of 12 weeks. This is the time that the course lasts for on Prometheus website.Before the first lecture students met Victor Menzul, the director of TranSoftGroup company. He wished all the students success in mastering a new subject and spoke about the prospects of the profession.It should be noted that during several months 55000 Ukrainians registered for the Harvard’s CS50 "introduction to computer science".












Additional Information:

CS50 (Computer Science 50) course from Harvard University is considered to be the best course on the basics of programming in the world. Its legendary status is affirmed by the fact that in 2015 YaleUniversity refused its own introductory programming course for first-year students for the benefit of CS50. As of 2015, offline version of CS50 is the most popular among elective courses at HarvardUniversity. The course is intended both for beginners and those students who already have a little starting experience in programming.

Courses for PHP programmers: TranSoftGroup company invites for training

Events MAR 30, 2016

Registration for free course starts today and and will last until 25th of April. The lectures will be held in the company’s office, that is located in Mukachevo on Priashivska Bichna str., 8.

- The goal of our courses is to raise level of knowledge of junior PHP-developers, give a solid knowledge for a good mastering the subject and also share our own long experience. Total course length is 4-6 months. We plan to give lectures for 1-1,5 hours once a week, after work. The duration of one lecture is 90 min. (2 academic hours) - they say at the TranSoftGroup company.

The course content:

- Basic notions (syntax, operators, variables, constants, control structures).

- String functions (search, replace, formatted output).

- Arrays (numeric, associative, multidimensional, array functions).

- Input-output (file and filesystem functions).

- Functions.

- Object-oriented programming (classes, properties, methods, inheritance, abstract classes, interfaces).

- Databases (SQL.PDO).

- Web-programming (sessions, forms, GET and POST data, file upload, coockies).

- Security (setting, session security, SQL injections).

Candidates must have basic skills of programming, know Nuts and Bolts of any programming language. It is desirable (but not a must) to have a corresponding education or study programming at the moment.

You can register for courses at the following link.

For additional information call 095 327 55 90