Magento: Learning at TranSoftGroup company

TSG insight NOV 27, 2016

After the courses for PHP-programmers we decided not to stop here and invited the best students to the course on the basics of Magento. In the end four of them entered our company.

We are sharing with you the course feedback from our students.


– The courses were very helpful for me. I believe that they were held at a high level, I enjoyed everything. I did not have experience with Magento in the past, but I wish to continue my studies and work in this direction.


– The courses were useful. In particular, because of the the fact that we talked to and learnt from a person who directly works with this product and knows how and what to do. During the courses I liked mostly practical task that we performed at training, as well as a quick teacher's response to the questions that were raised in the process of task execution.

As an only drawback I can mention that there was no video recording of the lecture, it would be very useful to view the recordings in your free time and also those who were not able to attend the courses would not miss the materials.

I did not work with Magento before, it was a new experience for me. I plan to continue learning this product and evolve in this direction. And I'm thankful to TranSoftGroup company for the opportunity.


– The courses were very helpful to me personally. What I liked the most is that I did not need to figure it out on my own from the scratch. In such a complex system like Magento it would be very difficult. Of course it would be better to have more text material, but its creation would require an immense amount of time.


– Thank you for the conducted courses like Magento and PHP, as well as for the work of your team. No doubt the courses were useful to me, because I was able to practice my skills in programming and to explore a little the architecture of the popular CMS. Most of all I liked the fact that I gained new knowledge and also had the opportunity to work with tasks that helped me to understand a bit from the great Magento system. I did not come across with Magento earlier, but after the courses I will continue to study the system.


– I believe that the courses were very useful to me, since I got the practical skills of working with Magento. I liked the well thought-out, interconnected homework. After completing the course, I going not only to continue training in this field, but will work in it.

Victor Menzul about the TranSoftGroup Company, development and new dimensions in work

TSG insight MAY 11, 2016

The director of TranSoftGroup Company that has been successfully operating over 15 years in the IT market, described the company's lines of business, its history and logo update, website and new projects.


- Tell us a bit about the history of TranSoftGroup. You have a lot of successful projects, but few people even in the hometown know about the company itself.

- In the IT sector we work almost 25 years, and in fact, the company TranSoftGroup is more than 15. This is the team of real professionals that has more than 90 highly qualified specialists.

We are currently working with several Ukrainian companies, as well as Hungarian and American. TranSoftGroup is a partner of the largest software manufacturer in the world - Microsoft. We are the authors of the software Keeper, created for the automation of large and small companies. Its quality is also confirmed by Microsoft.

We constantly improve skills, have a stable staff, individual approach to each client, we offer complete solutions, analyze the market and work on the result.

- What are the projects that the TranSoftGroup Company today operates with?

- We have several areas of business and in each of them we have quite good results. Speaking specifically about the development of e-commerce sites on which we currently put emphasis, we can say that our biggest projects are: Allo site - one of the leading retail players and suppliers of communications technology in the country, the second in popularity and attendance online shop in Ukraine. Also Yakaboo - Ukraine's largest online store on selling books. Both were established on the basis of Magento, a platform that we have been working with for several years.

- Tell us more about the activities of the company. You say that there are several.

- We develop websites for e-commerce as well as usual sites for client's needs, we have the Department of software testing. Mostly it works with foreign customers. One of the areas of our work is business automation using our Keeper software . Also we have a department of office equipment, video surveillance systems and service.

Our specialists are working with large and complex tasks as well as with small projects. Our portfolio consists of such recognizable names like Allo, Yakaboo, Silverland, Flextronics,, Daily, Transcarpathian Food Company, Barva.

- Where do you find specialists? Are they all from Mukachevo?

- Mostly yes, but there are also employees from Mukachevo district from and Uzhhorod. Our specialists also occasionally travel to Budapest for training and direct communication with our customers.

Our team is strong and sustainable. There are workers who are with us from the first day of the company. We really appreciate them. But young people are always welcome. Over the past few years many talented young people joined us.

- What technologies do your developers use?

- Our programming department is now working with Magento, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, ASP.NET, MVC, Microsoft SQL Server, MYSQL, Ngnix, Redis, Memcached.

- The majority of IT companies point out the impact of the crisis on their business. Did you manage to you keep your position?

- Last year was really quite difficult. But we managed to keep all our projects. We always show understanding to our customers, and they do the same for us. We do every project like we'd do it for ourselves.

- Why you have decided to change the logo and launch a new website?

- Actually, we did not change the logo completely, just made it a bit more modern. Our previous logo was developed quite a long time ago and therefore it needed a "new breath". The same is true for the site. We wanted it not just to be modern, but also more functional. The visual part of course is also very important. In addition, we have a new section "Blog" where we tell about the company`s life, events, our employees, projects and initiatives.

- What would one expect from the company in the near future - this year?

- Definitely we will grow and develop. In a professional sense it is first of all training our employees and improving their skills. We have plans for projects for our employees as well as outside of the company. We have education projects for children and young people in priority to encourage them to study programming and education in general, as well as several charitable projects that we'll share on our pages in social networks and on our website.

We recently we became partners with online platform Prometheus, who made a very important thing for Ukraine - translated and adapted the best course on the basics of programming in the world - CS50 from Harvard University. An offline group studying this course operates on the basis of our company. We are glad to see that among the 55 000 Ukrainian who register for the course in Ukraine, there are many talented mukachevians.

In addition, at the beginning of April we launched our own registration for courses - for PHP programmers. We were pleasantly surprised with the result. There were way more people registered for the course than we planned to take. The purpose of these courses is dual - first, we want more people to be interested in programming and IT in general, and also we intend to strengthen our own team of programmers and start new projects.

TranSoftGroup company will become an offline teaching platform for the Harvard’s legendary CS50 introductory course on computer science

TSG insight APR 14, 2016

The registration for this course lasted for several months on Prometheus website. This is the very course that kindled a great interest among Ukrainians – over 50000 people throughout the country registered for this course.

In order to make the learning of the online course more effective, Prometheus opened registration for free offline preparation groups for the translated into Ukrainian legendary course. TranSoftGroup company could not stand aside of such an important event and joined hubs where registered users could receive explanations and professional advices from our programmers. Online course starts on April 18th, in fact, the same week there will be the first meeting held in the offline groups. Such and similar groups of this course will be acting in Kyiv, Kamianets-Podilskyi, Kirovohrad, Lutsk, Odesa, Rivne, Khmelnytskyi,Ternopil, Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Uzhhorod, Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk and Mukachevo.


Additional Information:

CS50 (Computer Science 50) course from Harvard University is considered to be the best course on the basics of programming in the world. Its legendary status is affirmed by the fact that in 2015 Yale University refused its own introductory programming course for first-year students for the benefit of CS50. As of 2015, offline version of CS50 is the most popular among elective courses at HarvardUniversity. The course is intended both for beginners and those students who already have a little starting experience in programming.