Magento: Learning at TranSoftGroup company

TSG insight NOV 27, 2016

After the courses for PHP-programmers we decided not to stop here and invited the best students to the course on the basics of Magento. In the end four of them entered our company.

We are sharing with you the course feedback from our students.


– The courses were very helpful for me. I believe that they were held at a high level, I enjoyed everything. I did not have experience with Magento in the past, but I wish to continue my studies and work in this direction.


– The courses were useful. In particular, because of the the fact that we talked to and learnt from a person who directly works with this product and knows how and what to do. During the courses I liked mostly practical task that we performed at training, as well as a quick teacher's response to the questions that were raised in the process of task execution.

As an only drawback I can mention that there was no video recording of the lecture, it would be very useful to view the recordings in your free time and also those who were not able to attend the courses would not miss the materials.

I did not work with Magento before, it was a new experience for me. I plan to continue learning this product and evolve in this direction. And I'm thankful to TranSoftGroup company for the opportunity.


– The courses were very helpful to me personally. What I liked the most is that I did not need to figure it out on my own from the scratch. In such a complex system like Magento it would be very difficult. Of course it would be better to have more text material, but its creation would require an immense amount of time.


– Thank you for the conducted courses like Magento and PHP, as well as for the work of your team. No doubt the courses were useful to me, because I was able to practice my skills in programming and to explore a little the architecture of the popular CMS. Most of all I liked the fact that I gained new knowledge and also had the opportunity to work with tasks that helped me to understand a bit from the great Magento system. I did not come across with Magento earlier, but after the courses I will continue to study the system.


– I believe that the courses were very useful to me, since I got the practical skills of working with Magento. I liked the well thought-out, interconnected homework. After completing the course, I going not only to continue training in this field, but will work in it.