New dining room appeared in the company office

Team life DEC 27, 2017

Furniture of the new office building was made in the minimalistic loft design, with the bar stands and modern chairs.
After work our colleagues will have the opportunity to stay there and work, or just relax. However, saying in advance, there will be a new space for the latest purpose very soon. But that is another story.

Our programmers moved to the new office

Team life DEC 26, 2017

During the year we were preparing for this event and finally it’s happened – our programmers moved to the new modern office.

More than 40 our colleagues moved to the new building, that we’ve built on the territory of our company. So work became even more
comfortable for them.

Eventually there are more and more employees in our company, that pushes us on positive changes – to grow rapidly and progress. Launching the new office – is the next step in the strategy of improving conditions and company extension. For the time being there is also reparation going on in the row of other offices and rooms.

Holidays are coming: how children of our colleagues were making chocolate candies themselves.

Team life DEC 22, 2017

December is an amazing time of holidays and pre-holidays hustle. It’s a wonderful time of the year for adults, not saying a word of the children.

So we decided to make a holiday and invite them to the amazing handmade chocolate workshop held by Lviv Handmade Chocolate in our office.

All the children were happy, to say the least. Check it out and enjoy these happy eyes, smiles and smudged with chocolate faces.

MageConf’: the event that gathers the best PhP and Magento developers

Events DEC 20, 2017

Last weekend our colleagues visited MageConf’, the main subject of which was the whole technology stream used in Magento – PhP, JS, etc.

The conference was a great success, different seminars and workshops were held at the same time. Everyone had an opportunity to attend the lecture he was most interested in and ask a few questions afterwards. During the short coffee breaks the participants could share their ideas and impressions.

The conference management was at the highest level. After the last discussion everyone was invited to join the afterparty.

Here we attach a few photos of our inspired colleagues at the conference.

Courses for PHP-programmers: equator of studying

Events OCT 26, 2017

It is already a third time we are providing free courses for PHP-programmers and every time we are inviting best alumni to work or
probation.The program of the courses is the following:– Basic concepts (the syntax, operators, variables, constants, control
structures, strings processing (search, replace, formatted output), arrays
(numbered, associative, multidimensional arrays, functions for working with
arrays), input/output (functions for working with files and file system).– Object-oriented programming (classes, properties, methods, inheritance,
abstract classes, interfaces).– Databases (SQL. PDO)– Web-programming (session, forms, GET and POST data, download files, cookies).– Security (Setup, security sessions, SQL injections).