We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Team life DEC 24, 2018

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

May the New Year bring peace and ease to your home, inspiration and success — in professional activity, hope and love — in your heart. In 2019 we wish you to make the most ambitious plans happen, joys of victories and stable prosperity!

Corporate Ping Pong Tournament

Team life DEC 3, 2018

For over a year, our company owns table tennis. The break is spent only this way: someone plays, and somebody cheers. We all
started to play on the same level, but over time, there happened to be more skilled tennis players and ordinary entertainment turned into a battle. At this point appeared an idea to make an internal tournament: an extra reason to get together, eat pizza, and also play draughts.

This Saturday we each came with its own purpose, but everyone with a wonderful mood. Winners had to win 4 rounds to get an award. And in fact, the result was expectable: who was winning during the break, won the tournament. But most importantly: we have made a new step in creating a friendly team.

Fifth successful PHP course recruitment: the first lecture

Events OCT 12, 2018

An introductory lecture on PHP courses was held recently. This time, 26 students that were successfully interviewed will continue to study the basics of programming on the basis of our company.

We are glad to congratulate everyone who succeeded in the selection and wish success the next time to those who fell short of
their skills.

We remind you that in order to enter to the next PHP courses recruitment you need to have basic programming skills, know the basics of any programming language. It is desirable (but not necessary) to have the appropriate education or study programming at this time.

Courses for PHP-programmers: we announce training recruitment

Events SEP 12, 2018

Registration for the free course will last until September 25. The lectures will be held at the company's office, which is located in Mukachevo, Pryashivska bichna st., 8.

We launch the fifth course recruitment and over time we get more applications. It will last for 3 months. Every week we meet with students two times at after-work time.

The program of the course is the following:

– Basic concepts (the syntax, operators, variables, constants, control structures, strings processing (search, replace, formatted output), arrays (numbered, associative, multidimensional arrays, functions for working with arrays), input/output (functions for working with files and file system).

–Object-oriented programming (classes, properties, methods, inheritance, abstract classes, interfaces).

– Databases (SQL. PDO)

– Web-programming (session, forms, GET and POST data, download files, cookies).

– Security (Setup, security sessions, SQL injections).

Candidates should have the basic programming skills and know the basics of any programming language. It is desirable (but not necessary) to have the appropriate education or to be in the process of studying programming.

To sign up for the free course use the following link.

We congratulate Ukraine on Independence Day!

Team life AUG 23, 2018

Our Transoftgroup company sends congratulations to all of the Ukrainians on Independence Day!

Independence of Ukraine is the only chance for each inhabitant of our country to preserve culture, to be respected in the world, to have constant economic growth, to be strong, and, finally, the most important – peace.

As Ukrainian prominent poet Volodymyr Sosyura wrote:

Любіть Україну, як сонце, любіть,

як вітер, і трави, і води…

В годину щасливу і в радості мить,

любіть у годину негоди…