Courses for PHP-programmers: we announce training recruitment

Events SEP 12, 2018

Registration for the free course will last until September 25. The lectures will be held at the company's office, which is located in Mukachevo, Pryashivska bichna st., 8.

We launch the fifth course recruitment and over time we get more applications. It will last for 3 months. Every week we meet with students two times at after-work time.

The program of the course is the following:

– Basic concepts (the syntax, operators, variables, constants, control structures, strings processing (search, replace, formatted output), arrays (numbered, associative, multidimensional arrays, functions for working with arrays), input/output (functions for working with files and file system).

–Object-oriented programming (classes, properties, methods, inheritance, abstract classes, interfaces).

– Databases (SQL. PDO)

– Web-programming (session, forms, GET and POST data, download files, cookies).

– Security (Setup, security sessions, SQL injections).

Candidates should have the basic programming skills and know the basics of any programming language. It is desirable (but not necessary) to have the appropriate education or to be in the process of studying programming.

To sign up for the free course use the following link.