TranSoftGroup has launched the first online PHP course

Career FEB 19, 2021

We started free online PHP course with the prospect of employment at our company. 57 candidates were chosen, of which 26 filled out the questionnaire on the website, and 31 are the students of the Faculty of Mathematics of Uzhgorod National University. It's also worth to mention that Transoftgroup signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with Uzhhorod National University in October last year.

Yesterday the students had the first lecture on "Basic concepts of PHP" . The training is designed for 17 lectures. Online meetings take place once a week during non-working hours.

In the course program:

1. In-depth study of OOP.

2. Working with databases.

3. Security in the PHP.

If you did not have time to register for this course, you have the opportunity to fill out a questionnaire for the next course following the link.

Follow the details of the start of the upcoming PHP course on the site and our social networks.

Additional information: +380 (50) 333 09 40.